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Hello Everyone,

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” — Seneca

Spring. A time of renewal. A time of rebirth and fresh growth. In days gone by, for most of us, it was also the signal that another school year was about to end. (Admit it, you proba- bly had the number of days left counting down on your NJEA desk calendars). And so it is with us, now, as we prepare to wrap up another year with our final newsletter and last luncheon meeting. After a few years of COVID isolation, it was refreshing to be able to hold all three of our meetings in-person this year.

“You must learn to stop thinking in terms of beginnings and endings, successes and fail- ures, and begin to treat everything in your life as a learning experience instead of a prov- ing one.” — Guy Finley

Change doesn’t always make things easier. It has been a challenge for the officers and Ex- ecutive Board of ACREA to find available venues where we can continue to hold our luncheons, while at the same time keeping the costs at a reasonable level. We continue to search for new venues and will consider luncheon alternatives (a lighter fare perhaps) go- ing forward.

We have also faced a smaller turnout at our luncheons than in the pre-COVID days. We miss you. We encourage those who have stayed home so far this year to join us at Greate Bay Country Club on May 2nd. Come hear some interesting speakers, catch up with old friends, and meet some of the new retirees.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”— Chinese Proverb

Our May Members’ Meeting and Luncheon each year is when we elect officers for the upcoming year. In odd-numbered years, voting is for the offices of Vice President and Re- cording Secretary. Nominations will be taken from the floor.

Speaking of elections, 2023 is an election year in New Jersey and State Senator and As- sembly seats are open. We hope to have someone from NJEA Government Relations with us in May to address the importance of this election.

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, just feed one.” — Mother Teresa

We also hope to have a speaker on efforts to reduce hunger in our communities. At our February Luncheon we collectively raised $525 for the Community Food Bank of NJ as well as collecting a sizeable contribution of food products. Thank you to all of you who gave so much to your communities in your careers and who continue to give in your retire- ment years as well.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

John Carlson, ACREA President